Notes to One Who Is Far from Here

poems from the Little 5 Points years with drawings by Jim Darlington
2003, 23 pp., $5

The thing I remember about first reading one of Dave’s poems was my initial reaction and comment, “He has poetry in his soul.” That is how I measure a poet. Is he merely a clever wordsmith or truly and deeply a poet? Dave Matthews is both. That is why I tracked him down and asked for permission to publish “Home” at Quill and Parchment.


― Sharmagne Leland-St.John
Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Parchment

A Portable Bohemia
poems by David Matthews
illustration by Kelsey Mosley
2008, 27 pp., $5

The poetry of David Matthews is haunting and calming, surreal and direct, like being hit by a freight train covered in pillows. You feel as if you stepped onto a new planet, a planet that holds the true promise and understanding of poetry. To read his poems is to see his very soul while simultaneously gaining insight into your own.


― Sophia Helstrom-White

David Matthews

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