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A Bit About the Blog

This site is under development. Essays, reviews, rants, screeds, ruminations, and poems will be coming soon. Already the editors are screeching like peacocks in lust.

The blog will cover the usual topics: books, cinema, art and culture, adventures of intellect and spirit, and sports. No doubt there will be more than a few rants about politics and current affairs. Conscience and integrity dictate no less.

It is the fond hope of the editorial board that posts will appear regularly, weekly at a minimum. The author's past efforts at Memo from the Fringes and Matthews Man of Letters have shown this schedule to be a tad ambitious, problematic at best. Your oft humbled scribe will endeavor to placate the brutes by posting brief pieces at regular intervals while hacking away at more substantive essays and reviews.

It is my hope that this site's offerings will interest and amuse those who find their way here and give reason to return. Ciao.

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