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About that electoral college vote, like, for the record...

Members of the Electoral College are besieged by hate mail, harassing phone calls, and death threats. This is disgraceful. I am if possible even more annoyed by this stuff when it comes from people on my wing of the political bird than I would be if HRC had won on November 8 and Trumpists were trying to change the outcome. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Those who are engaged in the arguably more legitimate petitions, email campaigns, and demonstrations calling on electors to vote for someone other than Donald Trump are in my opinion ill-advised and doing our cause a disservice. Trump won the presidency by well established rules and traditions that were accepted by both sides before the election. As bad as Trump is, and it is no secret I think he is very bad, overturning the result of November 8's vote is not the way to go. Among other things this effort reinforces a terrible precedent for how the losing side will respond after an election. It does not bode well for whatever vestiges of our republican system of government remain functional.


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