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Another dark day in a succession of dark days

I have nothing much to add to what has been said elsewhere, but the day cannot pass without notice as House Republicans made good on their threat to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in a display of cynicism that boggles even my jaded mind. The aim of this exercise was to give Donald Trump something, anything, that would allow him to claim a win. There is plenty of analysis going around on what the bill does. Matthew Ygelsias at Vox is as good as any: AHCA is a betrayal of all the GOP’s promises on health care.

The line goes that Republican moderates in the House are counting on their counterparts in the Senate to save them — and the, probably just them — from what they passed. I would like to think this will happen but am brought up short by Josh Marshall's Iron Law of Republican Politics: "the 'GOP moderates' will always cave." Nothing in recent memory gives us reason to think otherwise.

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