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Breaking in the Brooks

The first run in a new pair of shoes always feels a bit like Christmas. I kicked off the 4th with a 5.65-mile run in the new Brooks Adrenalines. They felt as good running along the waterfront as they did Saturday morning in the store. Here's a shout-out to Jessie at Portland Running Company for pairing me up with them.

I am not training for anything these days. Just running. The summer routine is about 30 miles a week, give or take, not all that far from marathon training, my level at any rate, not so much racing as running to find the finish. Tack two miles onto the Sunday run, up the Tuesday and Thursday runs by a mile or two on occasion, stretch out the long run on Saturday, and I would be there. I am tempted to say that the real difference is that it is easier to take a day off from time to time with a clear conscience, but that would not be accurate. I remain pretty compulsive about getting the runs in.

More anon about the running life. Wishing all a joyous fourth!

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