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Climate strike Portland

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

I have not seen a crowd estimate, so let's just say a boatload, many Portlanders young and...not so young...joined concerned, committed students and adults from around the globe to call for action to address the climate crisis.

The rally began at 10:30 at Terry Schrunk Plaza across from City Hall. The crowd was already massive when I made the scene just a few minutes before things kicked off. My photos were restricted to the periphery where we were unable to see or hear the speakers. That did not seem to matter to anyone. Being there, standing up in whatever small way we could, was what mattered...that and the commitment to keep at it.

I could not help but think that we might be in a better place today if we had taken to

the streets like this 25 years ago. We are not yet doing things that needed doing a quarter of a century ago when they might have had an effect.

It is getting to be late in the day to prevent disaster. The question now is whether we can limit the scope of catastrophe. We must try. What else are we going to do?

Keep the faith.

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