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Drag Queen Story Hour Comes to Congress

The George Santos miniseries saga continues to spin off spectacular storylines, each more wildly improbable than the last. The first episode kicked things off with a fabricated resume exceptional for being so blatant and so easily fact-checked. This was followed by reports of possible, indeed likely, campaign finance violations, thievery from friends, acquaintances, and GoFundMe donations to provide life-saving surgery for a homeless navy vet's support dog, easily debunked claims of athletic prowess (volleyball star) and Jew-ishness, and so on, that leave one wondering what could possibly come next to top all this. Well. George Santos, aka Kitara, Brazilian drag queen.

Santos denies that he is a drag queen or ever performed as a drag queen. The most he will acknowledge is embellishment of his bio/resume. It is difficult to find any definitive fact-checking on some of this stuff, but man, there is a lot of smoke. Much that he touched, under a variety of names used over the years, appears to have been scam or swindle. The drag queen allegation would be unworthy of mention if not for the screeching of anti-woke Republicans about drag queen story hours, library books, mention of the subject in classrooms, etc. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy—gosh, it is challenging to write those words with a straight face—can ill afford erosion of his slender majority. Thus he continues to stand by the man who voted for him on all fifteen ballots for speaker, rewarding Santos with two committee assignments and deflecting calls for sanctions or resignation, which would carry with it possibility that the seat would subsequently be filled by a Democrat.

Watching Republicans squirm is a source of amusement and temporary diversion from the efforts of nihilists in their midst to tear it all down. That is what the debt limit business is about and too serious to take our collective eye off the ball while distracted by Republican buffoonery.

A personal note. I do not share the fascination that some people have for drag queens. Drag queen story hour is kind of silly. The story hour foofaraw is to some extent a humping contest where each side is determined to establish dominance. Be that as it may. If someone is a drag queen or enjoys watching drag queens perform, that is their business and no concern of mine except insofar as I support their right to live and entertain themselves as they see fit in a manner that does no harm to anyone. The same holds for parents who take their children to drag queen story hour at the library.

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