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Feeling Christmas-y

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas on a rainy day in Tulsa. I'm passing the morning in the Tulsa Runner brain center while Trani and his crew do their part to see that Tulsa's runners find all they need under the tree to get the new year off on the right foot. Trani plans to kick off the year by launching into training for the 2017 Boston Marathon. I'm looking forward to road-testing my injured calf on the first. If all goes well I may begin looking for a fall marathon.

Wednesday was not my best travel day ever, but all ended well as I found my way to Tulsa. My flight was an hour late getting out of Portland. That was okay because the Phoenix flight was also showing a one-hour delay. As it turned out the Phoenix plane pulled away from the gate around an hour and a half after scheduled departure, soon came to a stop, and sat awhile before the captain made the dreaded announcement that he was returning to the gate because of a mechanical issue, something to do with a flap. I continued reading a Swedish crime novel, The Nightmare by Lars Kepler, hoping this would not turn into a travel nightmare. The fix was not quick, but it was made, and we got on our way without having to find another plane or spend a night in Phoenix. Arrived in Tulsa a bit after 9:30, two hours late but fifteen minutes ahead of my niece coming in from DC. All things considered it worked out well.

Yesterday's highlights were breakfast at BBD, a morning visit to Tulsa Runner, afternoon hike on Turkey Mountain with Candace and Rachel, and excellent dinner at India Palace, which we always hit when I am in town. We closed out the evening with the second half of some Star Wars movie or other that Candace and Rachel had been watching to prep for the new one. I also got my Christmas gifts for the family wrapped and under the tree. That made for a pretty good day. But then Christmas days with the family are always pretty good. More anon.

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