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Joyeux Noël!

We can never wish family, friends, and the strangest among us happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, season's greetings too often. This is a time for reaching out however we are able, in ways great and small, in every manner, custom, and tradition we know. That holds true more than ever this year.

I have little to add to the thoughts expressed in the December 15 newsletter, but I do not want to let this special day pass without checking in one last time.

A gift subscription to The Washington Post was waiting in my Outlook mailbox when I checked in this morning: 52 weeks of all-access digital from Big T & C. A marvelous way to kick off the Christmas Eve festivities. Woot. I confess that I redeemed the subscription right away instead of holding off until the big day. I will tear into the other gifts bright and early tomorrow morning.

Could a white Christmas be headed our way? The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch from late Saturday afternoon through late Sunday night with bone-chill temperatures: "Heavy snow possible. Total accumulations of 1 to 6 inches possible." Note multiple use of the scientific term "possible." Further chance of snow showers Monday and Tuesday.

The bright side to a winter storm is that I will be less tempted to road-test the cranky knee with a Christmas Day run. My sense is that it is responding to the rehab regimen but not yet ready for a return to action. A quarter-mile jog Monday before last was sufficient to confirm that. Maybe I check it out again New Year's Day.

Late afternoon/early evening tomorrow I will brave the elements and drift downstairs for Christmas dinner with Hollye and Vince, Emily, and Nigel the Airedale Terrier who lets us make our home here. Hollye will cook up a storm as she always does. There will be good food, good wine, good conversation, bonhomie. I anticipate that at some point I will stagger back upstairs with a load of leftovers good for another fine dinner or several.

And on that note of anticipation I close with best wishes to all and thanks for reading Portable Bohemia. Your expressions of encouragement mean more than I can say. Let us treasure family and friendship and be open to beauty and joy come what may.

And when you leave that treat out for Santa, remember to keep the good brownies for yourself. The big fella's driving.

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Kurt McGill
Kurt McGill
Dec 24, 2021
La ruelle chantant tout mon verre. Les orages, sur les rochers battus, se sont abattus sur la poupe en plumes glacées. Plein au-dessus de l'aigle a crié avec spray sur son aile. Pas n'importe quel protecteur peut rendre joyeux un homme qui navigue dans le besoin.

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