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Marie Yovanovitch is a hero for our time

Marie Yovanovitch epitomizes what is best in those who serve in our government and what is best in the sometimes idealized vision we hold of our country. Her testimony this morning for the House impeachment inquiry has been described as blistering. Indeed it was. It is worth taking a few minutes to read her opening statement for yourself.

We can hope that we might have it in us to conduct ourselves with the grace, the honor, the commitment to truth, and the courage that she exhibited if we were ever to find ourselves in her unenviable position. Make no mistake. Marie Yovanovitch's testimony was an act of courage. The nation owes her a debt of gratitude on which we may make a small down payment by urging our congressional representatives to do everything in their power to shield her from retribution at the hands of a vindictive president and his henchmen.

Today was a small beginning, a moment of flickering light in a terrible darkness. Even before Yovanovitch's testimony there were reports of others who may come forward. Her example can only give them and us hope and courage.

Keep the faith.

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