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Modest thoughts on the Fourth of July 2019

Independence Day dawned splendidly in my fair city of Portland. A good day for a run. Most days are.

If Facebook is to be trusted, Tulsa Runner pals were out running the River Trails and on the bicycle for 48 miles gearing up for Ironman Tulsa 2020 and otherwise celebrating the running and riding life. Big T and Judge Greg, dynamo Julie Ray, Pastor Bill, Philip and the girls. An impressive and inspiring crew. Role models all.

Modest thoughts on the Fourth of July 2019. Conscience compels us to recognize that from the beginning our nation often came up short on the principles and ideals laid out in the Declaration of Independence. Reflection reminds us that it is on the basis of these same principles and ideals that we hold ourselves to account today. We should never be blind to our faults and flaws, nor should we allow ourselves to be so blinded by them that we fail to see that those sparks struck in 1776 may still light our way forward.

Happy Fourth! Keep the faith!

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