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Return to the Heart of Lents

Lents International is Portland's only internationally focused farmers market, offering fresh produce from Hmong, Latino, and Russian farmers. Open Sundays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. June through October, the market is located on SE 92nd Avenue a block north of Zoiglhaus Brewing Company. It is an easy shot up Foster on the 14 Hawthorne bus.

The market is small but lively and inviting. A few people were already on the scene checking out produce and flowers and hitting the Dovetail Coffee cart when I arrived at 9. Within fifteen minutes foot traffic had picked up considerably. Lents may not boast as many vendors or as wide a selection as can be found at Hollywood or Milwaukie, but it has its own charm and compares favorably to the Woodstock farmers market.

A few photos from the morning's expedition were briefly posted on the Gallery page. As often happens, upon downloading the photos I thought at once of shots I wish I had gotten, for instance, close-ups of the market, in particular the dazzling display of flowers, and the Zoiglhaus sign. Upon further reflection I decided that not one of the photos was a keeper and removed the Lents Gallery. I can see another excursion before market season ends to try for better photos and maybe linger a bit longer than I did today.

Memo from the Editorial Desk

The concluding paragraph was revised after publication to reflect removal of photos from the Gallery page.

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