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The deportation and death of Jimmy Aldaoud

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Jimmy Aldaoud was born in Greece. His parents were Chaldean refugees from Iraq. The family came to the US when Aldaoud was six months old. He lived in Detroit, was diabetic, suffered from schizophrenia and other mental health issues, and, yes, as an adult he was convicted of disorderly conduct and burglary. In June at age 41 he was deported to Iraq, a country where he had never been, knew no one, and did not speak the language. He was sick, unable to obtain insulin, and slept in the streets. Jimmy Aldaoud died on Tuesday.

The deportation of Jimmy Aldaoud may have been carried out in accordance with the letter of the law. In spirit it was mean and vindictive. In effect it amounted to an execution. Agents of our government are culpable. The buck stops at the desk in the Oval Office. The actions of the man who sits at that desk speak for themselves.


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